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AP Potential

AP Potential™ Demos and Webinars

Open the world of AP® to academically qualified students who may otherwise be overlooked. AP Potential is a free, Web-based tool that can help schools, districts, and states develop robust AP programs by using PSAT/NMSQT® score data to identify students with the potential to succeed in AP.

AP Potential will allow your school or district to:

  • Support access to AP for all academically prepared students
  • Develop robust AP programs by identifying whether a school should expand its course offerings and/or increase the number of sections of AP courses already offered
  • Reduce time to recruit new AP students
  • Meet college and career readiness accountability measures

View a Demo of the AP Potential tool:

Demonstration: Schools

Demonstration: Districts

Watch a webinar to learn more:

Webinar Recording: AP Potential for School and District Users

Download a brochure:

Brochure: AP Potential for School and District Users

Brochure: AP Potential for State Users

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