AP Statistics: Curricular Requirements

  • The teacher has read the most recent AP Statistics Course Description.
  • The course provides instruction in each of the following four broad conceptual themes outlined in the Course Description with appropriate emphasis on each:
    • Exploring data
    • Sampling and experimentation
    • Anticipating patterns
    • Statistical inference
  • The course draws connections between all aspects of the statistical process, including design, analysis, and conclusions.
  • The course teaches students how to communicate methods, results, and interpretations using the vocabulary of statistics.
  • The course teaches students how to use graphing calculators and demonstrates the use of computers and/or computer output to enhance the development of statistical understanding through exploring and analyzing data, assessing models, and performing simulations.

Resource Requirements

  • The school ensures that each student has a college-level statistics textbook for individual use, inside and outside of the classroom.
  • The school ensures that each student has access to a graphing calculator with statistical capabilities.
  • The school provides access to a computer to aid in investigating and analyzing data and in exploring statistical models.

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