AP European History: Example Textbook List

The list below represents examples of textbooks that meet the resource requirements of AP European History and have met or exceed the required alignment to the Learning Objectives and Skills in the course curriculum framework. The list below is not exhaustive and the texts listed should not be regarded as endorsed, authorized, recommended, or approved by the College Board. Not using a book from this list does not mean that a course will not receive authorization. Syllabi submitted as part of the AP Course Audit process will be evaluated holistically, with textbooks considered along with supplementary, supporting resources to confirm that the course as a whole provides students with the content delineated in the curricular requirements of the AP Course Audit.

These materials have been reviewed by Learning List, an independent instructional materials review service for schools and districts. Inclusion on this Example Textbook List, however, does not indicate that the material is aligned to 100% of the course framework. The materials on this List range in alignment from 59% to 100%. Learning List's detailed alignment reports identify the specific LOs and Practices to which each material is and is not aligned to help teachers use these materials more effectively. Contact Learning List for more information.

Index of Textbooks

Palmer, Colton, and Kramer: A History of Europe in the Modern World, AP Edition, Palmer, Colton and Kramer, 11, McGraw-Hill Education.

Hansen - Voyages in World History (3e), AP European History, Hansen and Curtis, 2, National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning.

A History of Western Society Since 1300 for the AP® Course, 12th Edition, McKay, Crowston, Wiesner-Hanks, and Perry, 12, Bedford, Freeman and Worth Publishing Group.

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