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    Share AP has resources to help you ensure all your students know how to access their AP Exam scores:

    28 minutes ago
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    @ochrishall Hello Chris. Are you still having problems ordering APSI bundles? If so, DM me with details and our APS…

    2 hours ago
  3. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    @underwood89 Hello Traci. No comments, corrections or scores are included in free response booklets.

    23 hours ago
  4. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    @student2453 After AP scores are available, free response booklets will be mailed about two to three weeks after your order is received.

    1 day ago
  5. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    AP Exam scores will be released beginning 1 week from today.

    1 day ago
  6. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    The most challenging aspects of the AP CSP Create task = applying abstractions (24% earned all 3 pts) & algorithms (35% earned all 3 pts).

    2 days ago
  7. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    The most challenging aspect of the Explore task for AP CSP students = analyzing data & info; only 12% of students earned both those points.

    2 days ago
  8. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    AP CSP students generally performed well on the Explore task & the Create task; I’ll highlight the most challenging aspects of each.

    2 days ago
  9. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    AP Statistics students generally did a solid job constructing a confidence interval in Q2, the highest-scoring FRQ:

    2 days ago
  10. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    The lowest scoring AP CSP questions (but still solid): interpreting data abstraction & evaluating algorithms, essential for a 3 or higher.

    2 days ago
  11. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    @Jamieannthorne Last year we went from west to east, so we’ve switched it this year to be fair.

    2 days ago
  12. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    AP CSP multiple-choice: students scored exceptionally well, and generally aced the questions on global impacts & analyzing impacts.

    2 days ago
  13. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    The (inaugural) 2017 AP Computer Science Principles scores: 5: 14%; 4: 21.6%; 3: 39%; 2: 18.5%; 1: 6.9%.

    2 days ago
  14. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    (5/5) The result: kudos to the first pioneering cohort of AP CSP teachers & students, many of whom met the high standards the panel set.

    2 days ago
  15. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    (4/5) They established the required scores purely based on high expectations, not knowing how many students would meet those standards.

    2 days ago
  16. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    (3/5) The professors were surprised and impressed by the difficulty of the exam, attesting it would challenge their own college students.

    2 days ago
  17. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    (2/5) professors from diverse colleges took the exam themselves, evaluating each question for difficulty, using standard setting protocols.

    2 days ago
  18. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    (1/5) To determine the scores needed to earn 2, 3, 4, 5 on the first-ever AP Computer Science Principles exam . . .

    2 days ago
  19. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    The percentage of AP Statistics students who earned 0 on each free-response question: 1: 25%; 2: 21%; 3: 30%; 4: 17%; 5: 42%; 6: 53%.

    2 days ago
  20. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    (2/2) AP Statistics multiple-choice: . . . but struggled w/probability/simulation & statistical inference.

    2 days ago