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    Grow your AP program with Share AP resources for students, parents/families, and educators.

    18 hours ago
  2. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    The AP Program is always searching for ways to better support teachers and empower students to succeed.

    4 days ago
  3. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    RT @CollegeBoard: In NYC, record numbers of students are taking & scoring a 3 or higher on AP Exams.…

    5 days ago
  4. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    Nov. 10 is the deadline to submit a session proposal for the 2018 AP Annual Conference. #AP_Conf

    5 days ago
  5. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    Counselors, these tips can help you work with seniors who are anxious or worried about the application process:

    6 days ago
  6. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    October 31 is the deadline to apply to participate in AP Capstone for the 2018-19 school year.

    1 week ago
  7. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    AP students, take the free @StudentsRebuild #FacingDifference Challenge to assist peace-building work worldwide:

    1 week ago
  8. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    Higher-education professionals, these tools can help you recruit, assist, and place the incoming freshman class.

    1 week ago
  9. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    RT @CollegeBoard: We've been operating in #PuertoRico for more than 50 years, and today we take a simple pledge: #NoNosVamos.…

    2 weeks ago
  10. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    Congratulations to @NYCSchools on their incredible growth in both participation and performance on AP Exams.

    2 weeks ago
  11. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    @rstrean You're right. I will correct the Tweet. I was quoting the language used in the article.

    2 weeks ago
  12. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    Today is the deadline to submit an interest form for Pre-AP, which launches in the 2018-19 school year.…

    2 weeks ago
  13. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    You can use Share AP resources to build awareness of the AP Program in your school and community.

    2 weeks ago
  14. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    Apply to offer new Pre-AP courses at your school or district next fall. The interest form closes Friday.

    2 weeks ago
  15. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    If you're looking for current or archived AP data/research, you can find all reports here:

    2 weeks ago
  16. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    RT @NYCSchools: 🆕 @CarmenFarinaDOE just announced the highest-ever number of NYC students taking and passing AP exams:…

    2 weeks ago
  17. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    Administrators: Oct. 15 is an important preferred deadline in the AP Course Audit process.

    2 weeks ago
  18. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    The Pre-AP interest form closes this Friday. Apply to offer these new courses at your school.

    2 weeks ago
  19. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    Applying to 2 colleges instead of 1 makes it 40% more likely that students will enroll in a 4-year college.

    2 weeks ago
  20. Trevor Packer@AP_Trevor

    Pre-AP courses prepare students for AP & beyond. Interested schools should apply by Oct 13 to offer them next fall.

    3 weeks ago